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On Saturday 18th August 2018 I married my best friend. Just over a week later and I am still full of overwhelming emotions. I can honestly say that our wedding was everything I had ever hoped it would be and more, it was a day full of happiness and love. I don’t think I’ve ever smiled so much. As we sat after the official ceremony was over posing for pictures Oliver whispered to me ‘I can now understand why the queen had to get injections in her cheeks from all the smiling!’ And that was before the day had even begun!

We were fortunate enough to celebrate our wedding with all of our family and friends present. The weather remained dry and warm – this was of huge significance for us because our wedding was an outdoor garden venue. The day just floated by like were on some sort of cloud. In some way it seems like it went by in a bit of a blur – there is so much to take in that you could never possibly do so. But in other ways the day was so vivid – the excitement, joy and elation we both felt were truly unforgettable. It was such an incredible way to begin our married life together.

I plan on writing a few separate follow up posts in the coming weeks talking about everything in more details!

Photos – by our excellent best man and photographer – Rory Asten Bell

I realised my blog has been a little neglected since I’ve started uploading content onto Youtube – there are only so many hours in a day you know? I’ve really got into creating content on there more than I expected to, so naturally my blog has taken a bit of a back step. I always find with writing a blog post it can often take me hours because I try to pour my heart into a post.  And just like that, there are three weeks to go until our wedding day so here I am checking in for what will probably be the final time before I become a married woman!

So how has my whole ‘planning a wedding’ experience been? 

Although I’ve had a few stressful moments – the latest one being just this week when my hair stylist let me down last minute – on the whole it really hasn’t been that bad at all. I know we’ve still got three weeks to go and the challenging part is about to happen where we cross our fingers that all the plans fall into place perfectly. However I think being an organised person in general has played a huge factor in this experience. Mostly I’ve found the whole thing fun and exciting.

I plan on writing a few in depth posts after the wedding about planning one for yourself and hosting it but if you want to find out more of whats going on you can watch my Wedding Update video here where I talk all about our wedding in more details!

My current feeling towards our big day is just pure excitement now. I’m SO ready for it and am just praying that the weather Gods are kind and give us a pleasant day as it really will make a huge difference for us. Its basically been the only thing on my mind for the last eight weeks and we’ve slowly been making sure everything is organised, preparing everything and basically getting ready for the big day.

I can’t wait to be a bride. I can’t wait to see Oliver as my groom. Have my mum do my wedding dress up for the final time, and my Dad give me away. I’m equally anticipating seeing all of our family and relations in one place together celebrating with us. I’m eagerly awaiting all the lovely outfits everyone will be wearing. There are so many special and once in a lifetime moments around the corner for us.


This is me supporting my mother’s wedding dress from 1984 the month before my own wedding *


Ever since I was a little girl I knew I would want children one day.  The comfort and happiness I had from my own upbringing must have created a desire to replicate a family life of my own eventually. As I’ve grown up that’s never really changed although I’ve only got firmer in my belief that I want to do things the old fashioned way and be married first before I even think about starting a family. I’m weeks away from being a wife now and I’m finding more and more that people’s expectations are that I must be planning to pop one out in approximately 9 months down the line.

* Spoiler Alert * I’m not.

I’m just not a broody person. I very rarely see babies or pictures of babies and feel my insides start to rattle around saying HI! And yes as a woman I do find that extremely awkward because SO many people just expect that from me. But I’m not broody. That doesn’t make me less of a woman and it certainly doesn’t mean I don’t want my own babies one day in the future.

Selfish as it may sound, I still want to live my life and do what I want. I want to begin our married life cherishing a few more moments where its just the two of us…

As soon as we got engaged, I knew without hesitation that I would do my own makeup on our wedding day. Some brides might find this a daunting task, however I on the other hand am extremely excited by the thought of it. I love makeup and thoroughly enjoy the process of applying it on a special occasion, so why would my own wedding day be any different?


If you had asked me three years ago how I imagined my makeup would be on my big day, I most definitely would have said something along the lines of ‘supporting a bold red lip’ because that was my thing back in the day. Although I still adore a red lip I would like to think my taste in makeup has somewhat evolved as I’ve grown up.

With all of the above in mind, the kind of look I am hoping to achieve on my wedding day is that of a classic English rose because I think it is very soft, romantic and feminine. In the months since our engagement I have been paying particular attention to when Oliver compliments the way I look or if he likes a certain aspect of my makeup too, as I want to look like myself when I walk down the aisle and meet my groom!

Thus begun my quest for that all important wedding day lipstick. Here are the current contenders:

Burberry Lip Velvet Nude Rose 405 – a matte lipstick and as the name suggests in a dusky rose pink nude colour. Leans slightly cool toned on me and a little flat due to the texture but still quite wearable.

Lancome L’absolu Rouge 06 Rose Nu – this lipstick has a creamy texture and leaves a subtle sheen on the lips while giving excellent colour pay off. Its a lovely mid pink tone.

Charlotte Tilbury Amazing Grace – as you can see from the picture an old and well loved favourite of mine. A pinky coral that brightens up the complexion and complements many makeup looks. I pair this with the Pink Venus Liner.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet 34 La Raffinee – this one is another matte and has more of a purple/berry undertone but it is extremely long lasting and pigmented.

As it stands I’m still not 100% on what lipstick I am going to pick but I have a pretty good idea what I’m leaning towards. But who’s to say that in the next three months I could very well change my mind!

The gorgeous weather saw my bikini get a rare trip out from the back of my wardrobe last weekend for a dip in the paddling pool, watch the vlog here. Just a few years ago the thought of spending the day in a bikini would have raised a multitude of worries inside my head. But when I put my cute flowery little two piece on the other day I didn’t dread it, in fact I was excited to put it on and just embrace the moment. It is such a liberating feeling to finally accept my body and see it for everything that it is: its bumps, beauty and flaws. So as I typed the title of this blog post thinking it might sound a little over dramatic I reminded myself that it is not. Lifting weights has changed my body physically but most importantly its changed my mentality for the better.

It has taken me years of blood, sweat and tears to finally be at a stage where I can say I am happy in the body I am in and am content in the healthy balanced life I now lead. Two years ago I ditched a high cardio based workout routine which literally took up HOURS out of every week. I went cold turkey virtually overnight and switched to a strength training routine.

For a start I realised that this type of training suits me so much better and I love the fact I dont have to run and jump around like a blue arsed fly doing burpees and god knows what else. Lifting weights that challenge my muscles in a controlled manner and seeing how strong my body can be is so much more satisfying, or at least it is in my opinion. Back in the day I would spend anywhere between 5-7 hours a week working out whereas now the very maximum of time I spend working out is probably 3 hours a week. Bonus! Less hours working out more hours enjoying life!

A couple of years ago I would have thought ‘less hours working out equals less results.’ Nope. If anything my body is in better shape than when I was putting all those hours in, and its certainly stronger! Getting to the stage where I am at now has almost been like a full circle progress: physically my muscles are stronger, I’ve lost a bit of weight and the shape of my body is a bit more evenly distributed. Causing a knock on effect whereby I have become more relaxed with my diet and routine.I’m kinder to myself, more accepting of exactly the way I am and how I look is not a reflection of who I am. This has generally made my balance of life and fitness so much healthier.

I never imagined myself feeling good in a bikini. But I’ve come to realise that life is too short to always be worrying about wobbly bits or cellulite, because I have finally learnt in the last few years that being happy does not come from the outside it comes from the inside.