I managed to sail through my teenage years with minimal skin issues, I barely even suffered a pimple until my early twenties! But ever since I was about twenty one its been an ongoing battle to keep my skin happy. I tend to find the winter particularly worse – the combination of cold weather and indoor heating circulating around all just seems to create havoc with me. But over time I have managed to nail things down to a fine art when it comes to my winter skin care routine.

When it comes to skincare products, particularly if you have sensitive or acne prone skin like I do, it often takes some amount of trial and error until you discover what products work best for you. And once I discover products that work, I find its best to stick with them. These have been some of my most used products this winter.


Liz Earle Eyebright – on dark winter’s mornings Eyebright has been such a heavenly treat to wake up to when my eyes feel heavy and unresponsive. A fairly new addition to my routine, but over the last few weeks in particular I have taken to just leaving this out on the shelf in my bathroom so it is the first thing I reach for upon waking. Eyebright is a lotion, similar in its consistency to micellar water however this has the most wonderful cooling effect to it. Sweep over a cotton pad and tired eyes are instantly left feeling more awake and refreshed. Its seriously been a great addition to my morning routine this winter.


Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser – I typically use the everyday moisturiser from Liz Earle which I love however during these colder spells my skin could do with something a little more heavy duty. I think the Superskin range from Liz Earle is great as it seems to really give my skin back some much needed glow that my  lackluster complexion tends to miss in winter. This leaves my skin feeling plump and looking healthy.


Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate – this is a gorgeous oil I use in the evenings once or twice a week or whenever my skin is needing a bit of a pick me up. This is definitely one of my favourite skincare products as it makes my complexion brighter when I wake up in the morning and it feels smoother. I find that if I have any nasty red blemishes this also helps calm them down and just generally makes everything look a lot more healthy. I like that it feels luxurious without being overly ‘oily’ or slippery – the product sinks in very nicely so you don’t go to sleep feeling all icky and greasy.


Dove Body Wash Pistachio Cream & Magnolia – I haven’t used Dove body washes in years until I was recently gifted a set for Christmas which reminded me just how good they are. As it turns out I was given this set just at the right time as my  eczema has flared up and heavily scented body washes are a massive no-no at the moment as they aggravate my arms and shoulders. Although the Dove body washes are scented, its very delicate and they are actually more of a shower cream so it leaves the rest of my skin feeling super soft and lightly fragranced. I can use this without upsetting the eczema on my arms and back. It lathers really well and feels way more luxurious than the price tag suggests!

Lush Dream Cream -For most people the Winter is when all the Lush products are in full force! However for me it turns out their products are a bit too scented for my sensitive skin. I end up having to strip a lot of bathing products back and chose things that won’t make me feel itchy and uncomfortable. Dream Cream from Lush has however been one of the lotions I can apply all over my body without any trouble. Its light and soothing and is in fact designed for all skin types, so its a good option for me when I want my skin to feel softer without reverting to thick body creams or butters.

Do you change your skincare routine as the seasons change? What products do you love right now?