January has been considerably different this year. So far this month has really set the tone for 2017 being a fresh new start and I’m beyond excited for whats to come. I’ve never been one of those people who can’t stand January: usually when a new year rolls around I get through the first few months by lots of exercise and promises to myself that the Christmas indulgences will soon be just a distant memory. However this January has been the first one in six years where I haven’t exercised my guts off. I’m barely managing to get to the gym twice a week at the moment. I love exercising but I have to admit this has been a liberating change. For the first time in years I’ve been far more preoccupied with just living my life. And ironically its felt much healthier starting a year in this way.

2017 is the year that I will be leaving home. Something so huge and exciting I can still barely even get my head around the fact it is all happening this soon! Therefore January was when I turned into a woman on a mission; organising the buying of everything that is needed for a house basically. We’ve bought everything from the big things like sofas and furniture, to the little things like mugs and knives and forks. Its been extremely exciting watching our pile of homewares grow in the storage cupboard ready for the Spring. The thought of starting a home and sharing a life with my boy has made me so happy and has already been the most amazing start to a year ever.