Choosing our venue:

From the moment we got engaged we knew exactly the sort of wedding we both wanted to have. A garden wedding at my parent’s home was something we had spoken about way before Oliver even got down on one knee and popped the question. So, being the impatient woman I am meant that I was eager to get plans into place quickly. However, being that we were having the reception at home meant we were in a better position to secure a date that we wanted.

The first thing that we did upon becoming engaged was secure a date that we were happy with. We decided pretty much straight away that we would get married in 2018, and because we wanted a garden wedding we knew it had to be in the summer. I looked at Saturdays and a date that I quickly observed was 18-8-18. I think its important to pick a good date and I loved the fact it was symmetrical and all even! Coincidentally the day we became official was 16-7-16 so I liked the similarity of reoccurring numbers. It was even more perfect that this date fell on a Saturday.

We booked our wedding ceremony for 18-8-18 at 2pm. This was separate to our reception and I will talk about this in another post. So the next thing that we did was book and secure a marquee. Not only was this our vision for the garden wedding but it was also an essential factor to hire a marquee for our venue as a place for guests to sit down and enjoy a meal and also in case of any weather mishaps! Everyone retreated to the marquee for the buffet and then as a place to sit in the evening when it became a bit cooler. The company we used, JF Marquees cover Kent and Surrey.


Colours and themes:

Once our marquee wedding was confirmed it was time to start planning colours and themes. I will admit to taking the responsibility on this part as the inside of the marquee was mainly my vision as Oliver trusted me to take control of this. The main colours I went for were pink, white, mint and gold. I loved the idea of using pink – I’d describe the pink we used as baby pink – its bright and vibrant (it was a summer wedding after all) yet its also quite soft and romantic if you use it tastefully. In the ceiling we hung pink and mint Ginger Ray pom poms which made use of the height of the marquee and also broke up all the white in the ceiling adding a touch of colour and personality.

Because we were having a garden wedding it felt only natural to opt for a slightly rustic theme to the wedding – I’d like to describe our theme as elegant rustic! We got lots of wood chip confetti to scatter on tables and at the bar. Then we bought lots of chalk boards for signs and to decorate the garden with. I got heaps of decorative items from Ginger Ray, Hobby Craft and The Range that all fit in perfectly with our rustic garden wedding.

The flower arrangements which I adored were designed to be loose and airy like freshly picked garden flowers. There was lots of greenery and foliage in the table display in amongst the beautiful white and pink roses, and I just love the addition of gypsophila as it looks like thrown confetti pieces.


The DIY Effect.

We ended up doing lots of DIY decorations which I think really add that personal touch and just show you’ve gone above and beyond to decorate your venue. We hand painted a ‘BAR’ sign from Hobbycraft, painted the ‘Mr & Mrs’ hanging signs to fit in with our colour scheme, I created a personalised Bar Menu and framed it, we made a signpost from chalkboards and my mum wrote out all our signs. I think the effect looked brilliant and I was so happy with how everything turned out!

What do you think of our garden wedding venue?


Wedding Photography – Rory Asten Bell.

On Saturday 18th August 2018 I married my best friend. Just over a week later and I am still full of overwhelming emotions. I can honestly say that our wedding was everything I had ever hoped it would be and more, it was a day full of happiness and love. I don’t think I’ve ever smiled so much. As we sat after the official ceremony was over posing for pictures Oliver whispered to me ‘I can now understand why the queen had to get injections in her cheeks from all the smiling!’ And that was before the day had even begun!

We were fortunate enough to celebrate our wedding with all of our family and friends present. The weather remained dry and warm – this was of huge significance for us because our wedding was an outdoor garden venue. The day just floated by like were on some sort of cloud. In some way it seems like it went by in a bit of a blur – there is so much to take in that you could never possibly do so. But in other ways the day was so vivid – the excitement, joy and elation we both felt were truly unforgettable. It was such an incredible way to begin our married life together.

I plan on writing a few separate follow up posts in the coming weeks talking about everything in more details!

Photos – by our excellent best man and photographer – Rory Asten Bell