Adapting Fitness To A Changing Lifestyle


There comes a point where life moves forward and things around us begin to naturally evolve. For me recently a lot of exciting things happened all at once. It was the first time in a very long while where I focused purely on living my life. As a result I struggled to balance a new relationship with fitness. And for the first time ever, I put working out at the bottom of my list of priorities.

I have been consistently exercising now for 7 years, during a big chunk of that time I also happened to be single. Keeping fit therefore took up quite a big part of my life in those years: because I enjoyed it but mostly as I had a lot of time to put aside for it. It gave me something to spend my evenings doing, something to take my mind off things and eventually it even became something of a social activity when I started taking classes.

Fitness and working out kept me sane in those years. It kept me busy and gave me purpose. Exercise filled a big gap in my life.

However it kind of took over in the end – not in the obsessive ‘I need to exercise’ way though, just because I didn’t really have anything else. I religiously attended classes and would plan the rest of my week around that timetable. That became my life. My healthy habit had become something I unhealthily depended on.

Only when taking a step back did I realise all of this though.It allowed me to set a healthier perspective for myself. Naturally I wanted to put all of my effort and time into my new relationship. So I started exactly how I intended to go on, which was to put my relationship first.

It felt so liberating to have a switch in my priorities for a change, and it finally felt like I had things in the right place. My lifestyle changed and with that so did my mindset. While I was busy putting enjoying my life at number one,  I had to learn where exercise would fit into that! But, my goodness did I need that reality check.

There isn’t a void in my life like there was before. There isn’t something missing. Nowadays, I can plan going to the gym around my life, whereas before it would have been the opposite way round. My approach to fitness is far healthier now and I love it more than ever before.

For as long as I am enjoying it, fitness will always remain a part of my lifestyle. Its just much more of a balanced part of my life these days, and that I believe is how it should be.


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