Fitbit Alta Review


A few weeks ago I finally stepped into the world of fitness trackers with the Fitbit Alta. I wanted a fitness watch for my gym and home workouts with the ability to set a timer or use as a stopwatch. The fear of keep taking my phone into the weights section at my gym and getting it damaged was becoming increasingly worse. So I told myself this was the opportunity to get myself a fitness tracker type device. Before deciding to purchase the Fitbit Alta, I admit little research went into it – the Fitbit website offered very little information on the product. And so I didn’t exactly know what to expect.

What does the Fitbit Alta Do?

Not a huge amount in my opinion. Here’s my breakdown of exactly what the device does:

  • Tracks your steps. If you wear it from morning to night it will track every single step you make in that day. Pretty neat but nothing out this world lets be honest.
  • Displays time /date. Simply move your wrist towards you or tap screen once.
  • Tells you the distance you’ve been in miles/km. Tap twice.
  • Sends you alerts to move. Detects periods of inactivity and vibrates along with a message to get you taking some steps.
  • Smartphone call/message alerts. Sync your phone to the device and your Alta will notify you of new calls messages on the screen.
  • Monitors your sleep. Keep it on at nighttime and supposedly this monitors your sleeping patterns.

And that really is about it. The free app you download on your phone allows you to ‘add’ in extra bits of information such as your workout activities, water and food consumption etc plus with your details like height and weight it gives you an approximate calorie burn for the day. But none of that information comes from the Alta device, thats just information you manually put in to the app. The only thing that really syncs up are your steps/distance. The Alta is essentially just a very pimped up pedometer.



  • Slim and lightweight.  Too many fitness trackers out there are obnoxiously fitness trackers and because I wear a watch on my left wrist I really don’t want anything else too big or bulky sat on my other arm.
  • Doesn’t interfere with your regular outfits too much. The thin black strap and display screen could easily just be passed off as a wrist band, which I like as I think it means I will get more wear from it.
  • Doubles up as a watch. Use it to keep an eye on the time while you’re out and about.
  • It encourages you to get moving. The best thing about the Fitbit Alta, in my opinion is that it motivates you to move, either by sending you alerts when it knows you’ve been inactive for a while or just for the fact that you want to see those steps adding up and the mileage increase! Anything that encourages you to be a bit more active, even in our day to day lives is a positive in my eyes. I have definitely noticed I feel more motivated to simply move more since wearing the Alta Fitbit.
  • Decent battery life. I got a good five days of wear before it needed a charge.
  • Suitable for beginners. New to fitness? This could be a great tool. New to tech or to these types of devices? Again this could be an option for you.
  • Simple to use. Put the strap on and tap the screen. It truly is as easy as that.


  • Possibly too simple.. All this really does is track your steps, I’ll admit that its a very smart pedometer but its not a very smart fitness device. I feel like this just needs to DO more things, you know? No way is this worth the £90.00+ price tag it currently retails for.
  • NO stopwatch facility.  I  personally was hugely disappointed by the fact the Fitbit Alta doesn’t even have the ability to set a timer or act as a stopwatch!
  • NOT waterproof. I had to google this to find it out as the tiny little information booklet was useless. In outdoor circumstances I’m not entirely sure how this fella would hold up if you got caught in a sudden unexpected downpour? Again I would expect something like this to perhaps be waterproof at least for outdoor use as weather tends to be unpredictable at times.

All in all I do like the device for daily use and for encouraging day to day activity, but this essentially is a pedometer dressed up as a fitness device. I wouldn’t even put this in a fitness category. Nethertheless I’m not unhappy with it and I’m enjoying using it to keep me motivated to move and walk more frequently! In hindsight I think I would have maybe been more suited to the Alta HR.

Have you tried the Fitbit Alta? Do you use a fitness tracker?


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