A Few Outdoor Projects

Since Summer graced us with its presence here in the UK  we have been able to crack on with some of the outdoor projects at our new house. Obviously our main focus was to get the inside complete. If you’ve read my previous posts you will have seen that we put a lot of effort into getting that done and although there was no rush to alter the outside, I was eager to make it our own. So across the last few weeks we have been cracking on with little projects in the garden on our weekends off.


We went with a black theme on the exterior for practicality due to the original colour being a rusty brown. Going for anything lighter would have been a total mission to cover!



Garden in May

We have a small courtyard garden where the garage is directly at the rear. There is a door leading to the garage that we have freshened up with new paint along with the strip of wood above it. The black looks so much tidier and smartens the garden right up. Throw in some new garden furniture to match and things quickly started feeling like our own. We’re already in discussion of our next project to paint the fence panels to the side black.


Garden in June

There were then a few bits of worn paintwork above the window frames that were niggling away at me so I touched those up one morning too.


Neatening Up Some Old Paintwork. Top: Before. Bottom: After.

The old garden gate we had replaced with a new one as it was quite literally falling to pieces! The new gate is slightly arched in its shape and is also a bit taller than the original resulting in more privacy, which is always a bonus.


I’m pleased with how its turned out so far, what we have done has certainly restored the garden and made it our own. It is surprising at what a simple little bit of paint can do – the original rusty brown shade was an eyesore but luckily that is ancient history! Our black theme has put a slightly more modern edge to things, and although it is more contemporary now there is still a comfortable feel about it. I love the contrast of the greenery among the black as it really enhances both colours and brings the garden to life even more.


Talking of greenery and things that grow, we went to a garden center when it was the bank holiday weekend a few weeks ago and picked up a load of new lovely flowers and pots. The two black potted carnations outside the patio doors are one of our favourites, they look absolutely gorgeous. Oliver picked out a stunning blue hydrangea which we both love. So we have also made a start at adding some of our own picks to the actual garden too.


A few more touches in the garden and it will soon be ours. Its already feeling a lot better. I’ll do another update when things progress. 🙂







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