Exploring The South

Yesterday we set our alarm painfully early for a Saturday morning as we had a busy agenda set to explore some of the south. Oliver has family that way so our main objective was to pay them all a visit, but us being us we figured we would make the most of the opportunity and see a few places while we were in that part of the country.  Oliver has visited before some years ago, but the south was all new to me and I liked what I saw.


The heat from the week had broken by yesterday which I have to admit was some relief, especially as we had a two hour journey to make. Unfortunately the result of that meant the sun failed to make an appearance, which was a shame considering how beautiful the weather has been the past few weeks. That’s England for you – make the best of what you’ve got while its there!


We arrived early in Arundel, a beautiful historic town with an impressive castle and cathedral set upon a hill where every building looked oldy-worldy. Arundel seemed like a very peaceful, relaxed town and I enjoyed the vibe I got from it the second I arrived there. However we weren’t really able to take full advantage of seeing everything there was as the weather went from bad to worse with big dots of rain holding us back. What we did manage to see of Arundel ticked a lot of boxes for me, beautiful old buildings, lovely quaint boutique shops and inviting tea rooms, cafes a plenty!



We took shelter from the rain in a gorgeous cafe that had an intensive menu and all the food looked amazing (unfortunately I’d packed breakfast for our journey) but we did share a delicious hot chocolate and mouthwatering brownie.


There was a little stream at the bottom of the castle where we spotted an adorable family of ducklings. By this point the weather was only getting increasingly worse so we headed back to my car. On a nicer day, we would have gone in the castle and gardens but there was little point in the rain. I definitely want to return to Arundel in the future to see even more of  what this quaint little town has to offer – I think we only scraped the surface.



Next stop we decided to take a short twenty minute drive to Chichester. Luckily the rain had eased so we got to take a look round. I was glad we made a point of seeing it but to be honest its just like any other student city. Lots of high street shops and crowds of people. It was nothing special and I far preferred the cosy and relaxing atmosphere that we got from Arundel.


Chichester Cathedral

Next up it was Bognor Regis for some seaside and family time. The weather was dry but extremely blustery down by the sea front. I was taken back by how strong the wind was at the waters edge. On a sunny day this place would be your ideal English seaside town. Because of the weather we were limited to what we could do, but in the distance we could see the pier and just how far the lovely beach stretched out for miles for.



We crammed a lot into our day yesterday, and yet I still feel as though we only just touched the surface of the south of England. I adored the calmness of life there and on our drive home we saw some of the spectacular south downs. I’m already expecting a return there sometime in the future soon.


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