My Makeup Room

The latest house project Oliver and I have completed is our small room. Its literally a ‘box room’! Its tiny.  Due to its size this room was limited as to what we could do with it, particularly as fitting furniture in was going to be tricky. Luckily for me there was enough space for a dressing table so this has become my makeup room: the ultimate indulgence for any beauty lover!


After the craziness of April and May getting our house ready for us to move into, we decided that there wouldn’t be any rush to finish the second and third bedrooms. Unlike the rest of the house where we’ve gone at full speed ahead to get everything completed, the two spare rooms have remained smaller side projects that we have tended to as and when. We have a decently sized second bedroom that will eventually be a single room. And then there is the third room, newly my makeup room.

Where the room had been left for a few months it was simply becoming a bit of a dumping ground for all my excess stuff . Frankly I was starting to get a bit fed up of all my items scattered around without a real home, so a couple of weeks ago I got the tape measure out and decided to measure up and order a dressing table.


The dressing table I went with was the Ikea Malm a very simple yet effective option. Because it is slim it is an ideal piece of furniture for a small room. It has a single draw but it is big and wide – a surprising amount of stuff can fit in here.


As for the top I’ve left the layout as it is for the time being as this was how Oliver had left it for me – he put the dressing table together while I was out one evening and I thought it was cute the way he laid all my things out. In time I will play around with what is on the top. I plan to change the mirror first but I’m going to stick to whats there at the moment.


For now I’m enjoying the simplicity of my dressing table – with just my makeup brushes and the foundation I am using most often out on display with a few decorative items to accompany them.


In addition to putting the dresser up, Oliver also hung a few pieces on the wall for me. There are four frames of two different sizes and its created like a wannabe gallery wall, which I think looks pretty good. I’m pleased with the way its turned out, the beauty related prints obviously fit the theme of the room perfectly while the butterfly photographs add even more colour while still being complementary.  I got the frames all from Wilko, the prints I ordered online and the photographs were a lovely gift from a client.



My makeup room is still not 100% complete, as I need to buy a chair and a few other bits but its certainly an improvement to how it looked a week ago!

I’m so chuffed with how one piece of furniture and some pictures on a wall has ultimately transformed the room!





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