Winter Weekend, A Round Up

Monday mornings seem a lot brighter after a festive filled weekend.

Rewinding all the way back to Friday evening when my weekend begun with a cinema date to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I loved everything Harry Potter when I was a lot younger so I was intrigued to see what this was all about – apart from hearing several mixed reviews from friends, I went in not really knowing what to expect. I hadn’t even watched a trailer so I was pleasantly surprised! Ten years ago I would have absolutely loved it. You can’t really compare as they are so different, however Fantastic Beasts was at times perhaps a little darker than I remember Harry Potter being. Its fairly fast paced throughout the entire film so I will probably enjoy it even more upon watching a second time.


On Saturday I got up early to get in an hour or so at the gym. I usually like to write a rough workout plan on a bit of paper before I go, however I ended up rushing out the door without one on Saturday so had to make it up as I went along. I did a combination of lower body exercises mixed in with some ab work. The afternoon was taken up by mooching aimlessly round the garden center looking unsuccessfully for a present for M&D.

Later in the evening I had plans to take my folks out for a meal at The Three Tuns. For our meals we all had the most enormously sized burgers and chips, extremely satisfying but oh so filling! I think I’m still recovering from it now.. Despite the unseasonable mild weather – the car was reading 11 degrees -the boyfriend and I decided to debut our Christmas jumpers out to the pub. This year my festive jumper has baubles on it that light up when you move, although I did feel slightly on the warm side at times I loved wearing it.  Our evening finished at home where I attempted to play my first game of Poker. I was just beginning to get the hang of it by the end of the night!img_7327

Sunday started lazily with a rare lie in, but as soon as I pulled the blinds up the crisp bright morning outside crept in I was eager to get out and make the most of it. It was the perfect mid December day with sunny clear skies yet still wasn’t very cold for this time of year. We took a drive to the park for a walk with the pugs. Our loop round lasted around an hour and the park was full of trees stood bare of their leaves but the afternoon colours were still beautiful in the sun light. Arriving home the first thing we did was put the kettle on and stick the mince pies in the oven! Lovely finish to my weekend.


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