Transformation Tuesday: Shabby Chic Chair Restoration

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It seems that this year I have really discovered a DIY streak that I did not know I had in me! Just in case our home renovations earlier on this spring were not enough to cure my fix, a few weeks ago I had a go at tackling some furniture restoration too. During the process of emptying Nan’s house out my parents bought home this old purple chair amongst some more personal possessions. To be honest I never remember seeing this chair in my lifetime of visiting Nan and Granddads – it seemed to appear out of nowhere. Nevertheless mum granted me permission to have a go at restoring it and here is the result.


The first time I saw the chair I thought it was rather unsightly. For a start it was a strange pinky-lilac shade and the holes on the seat look a bit peculiar. But on closer look it did have some features that reminded me of shabby chic furniture. Perhaps it was the vintage and distressed appearance of the chair that reminded me of some of the popular shabby chic stuff you see about today but suddenly I had a vision of transforming this from drab to fab.


Using some of the sand paper and wire wool left over from the house projects I gave the chair a rub down in preparation for the new paint. I particularly paid attention to the flowery center piece at the top of the chair so that the indentation stood out as I think this bit looks pretty and definitely helps gives it the shabby chic feel.

Again reusing what was left over in the garage I painted the chair with satinwood, which we used all over the house for skirtings and on the fireplace. I love the satinwood paint as its so crisp and gives a clean polished appearance. The satinwood is not shiny or glossy but it isn’t flat either so the woodwork always looks really nice. I actually gave this three coats of satinwood as two wasn’t enough – unfortunately bits of lilac were still visible!


However three coats of satinwood later and here we have the finished result. The chair looks instantly revamped and has even found a way into our living room! I’m pleased with the outcome as it definitely makes a statement and goes well with the rest of our lounge. The plan is to drape a throw over this and create an even cosier feel to our room – plus the throw will hide the holes on the seat that I’m still a bit uncertain on: bonus! I’m planning on doing a little update of the living room soon so keep your eyes peeled for the final look that the shabby chic chair adds in the next few weeks!

What do you think of this transformation? Have you ever restored a piece of old furniture?


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