The Living Room: Six Months Later


A living room is a personal space. Its a room where you go to relax and unwind, spend time with your loved ones and should essentially be a place where you feel most at ease. It should also reflect who you are as a couple or family. To me our living room is the most beloved room in our house. Over the last six months we have invested some thought into how we could make the room feel even more perfect to us.

Whenever you move into a new home there are always finishing touches to be made, upon the obvious decorating aspects to any room. You have to look at the space you have and think ‘what’s missing?’ or ‘what can I add to this to make it even better?’ and since May we have been doing a lot of that.

Below are the key aspects that altogether have completed the feel of our living room in the last six months.


Added a big mirror.

There was something a bit scarce about the long wall of our lounge that we both immediately recognized once we had settled in our new home. We decided to add a large tall mirror above our side cabinet to both fill the gap along the empty wall and at the same time create even more light and space to the room. The mirror was from The Range.


Restored some old furniture.

Although this one may not always be applicable but I restored a bit of retro furniture and when we introduced the shabby chic styled chair to the room it felt like it had never been missing! Not only can something like this be a bit quirky but it brings in an element of your own work. We draped a soft cosy blanket over it and voila!


Chose a few feature pieces.

Feature pieces and where they are placed are key to creating a cosy and well styled room. They should be completely eye catching for all the right reasons! Like our woodland effect lampshade from John Lewis and the flower wreath upon the mirror as inspired by my favourite home/interiors blog The Home That Made Me.


Bought a rug.

Hello texture! Nothing makes a living room more inviting than a soft bouncy rug under ones feet. Its the ultimate essential item for that really cosy lounge. Ours was from Dunelm.


Experimented with symmetry.

I’m a little guilty for having an obsession with things being even. There is just something to be said for getting exactly the right balance and sometimes that means getting a pair. Although I don’t do this loads, where I have added symmetry I think its been very effective, these effortless fancy Laura Ashley candle stick holders look amazing on the fireplace.


Invested in a piece of art.

Possibly one of our best purchases this year (and believe me we’ve made a few!) was getting our first piece of art for the house. When we both saw it, we knew we had to have it as it was simply almost made to belong in our living room. It was perfect!

Love, G x


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