My MAC Lipstick Collection – The Downsized Edit


I’m taking it seriously old school here with my Mac Lipstick collection … only this is the result of a few updates and serious downgrades over the years! I used to own a stupid amount of these black cased lipsticks, having at least double the amount shown on the screen here at one point some years ago. Read on to see exactly what has made the cut to my more respectable downsized edit.

For many people and I speak for myself here too, Mac lipsticks are an entry point to the luxury beauty world. Price-wise Mac still stand pretty medium ground I would say, retailing these days for £16.50. Compared to most high end brands Mac are considerably less, with your average luxury lipstick today starting anywhere from about £25. Walking up to a counter is like seeing a rainbow in the distance – there is every colour and shade imaginable under the sun. Not to mention an array of different formulas for you to take your pick from. So you really can’t go far wrong.

It all began here for me. My entire love for beauty  and makeup started from a single black Mac bullet. Back in the day (LOL by that I mean 2013) I would religiously sit and binge watch Mac Lipstick Collections on YouTube and search for similar blog posts to read product reviews. Still to this day I get regular use out of my collection: its just a bit smaller! I’ve given heaps away to new homes with family and friends. Now my collection stands at a respectable 10 or 11 (a few un-pictured probably lost in the bottom of a handbag somewhere) I’d say these are definitely some of my staple shades that I wear on a (somewhat) regular basis.


L-R Costa Chic, Vegas Volt, Crosswires, Craving, Impassioned, Girl About Town, Show Orchid, Kelly Yum Yum.

As you may be able to tell – not a nude in sight! I’m definitely a bright lipped lady. Surprisingly I don’t have a red lipstick in my Mac collection (used to own Russian Red but it was donated to my mum) however my bolder shades in the collection lean towards the hot pinks, which I’d say are the least worn these days but its always good to have these colours in your stash.

Rather than bore you with a run down of all the colours, which you can easily find swatches of online I thought I’d mix it up with some Q and A’s and a few odd facts:

Newest to the collection?

Crosswires – I remember watching ‘Essiebutton’ aka Estee Lalonde absolutely ROCK this lipstick years ago. But it was only upon swatching aimlessly at the Mac counter this year I stumbled across Crosswires by accident and it all came flooding back to me! I religiously wore this all summer and especially on our holiday in Italy.

Any cult classics?

Rebel – I don’t actually own many of the famously popular cult classics like Ruby Woo, Velvet Teddy etc. But I’d say Rebel is the most well known lipstick I own, unfortunately this is one of the ‘lost somewhere deep in a handbag’ un-pictured lipsticks. I love Rebel though and the ‘satin’ formulas are probably one of my favourites of Mac’s

One you’ve probably not heard of but need to know about?

Vegas Volt – Its not very well known, but Vegas Volt is by far my most worn item in the collection. If like me, you love a good peachy coral tone – Vegas Volt is the one. Its so flattering and adds a subtle pop of colour to any makeup look. Fun Fact – I actually won this in a blog giveaway. However an honorable mention should go to Show Orchid a stunning blue toned pink that makes your teeth look exceedingly white!

Any limited editions?

Kelly Yum Yum – I’m not normally suckered in by these with only Riri Woo being the exception but it totally sold out.  Kelly Yum Yum is my only limited edition Mac and I actually adore this lipstick! Firstly the bullet is my favourite colour lilac, and I like the  cool hot pink signature to match the shade inside. It is of course a spin off of Candy Yum Yum however I actually think KYY is way better. Only due to the satin finish, CYY is one of Mac’s famously matte mattes and I’m not about those at all!

I hope you enjoyed this blast from the blogging past! What Mac lipsticks do you own?

Love, G X


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