Courtyard Patio Transformation

Once all the interior tasks were complete on our house we were able to make our way out into the garden and I begun discovering my green fingers. Gardening is in my genes – ALL my family are keen gardeners! So naturally it filtered down a generation. Although our garden is predominantly patio we were kept extremely busy making this little space our own last summer. We cleared so much overgrown greenery, took trees out and filled the space with new plants.

We finally got the space exactly how we wanted it but I just couldn’t ignore the fact that the cement patio was ugly as hell! I spent all summer long pottering for hours on end in the courtyard, enjoying the area we had created simply wishing the patio itself wasn’t such an eye sore. I tried to pretty it with pots and flowers. Eventually I surrendered to the fact that no amount of pots and plants were going to make this cement courtyard look good. So I spent the winter months saving up to get the patio slabbed exactly how we wanted it in time for spring and summer.

And last week the amazing transformation took place. Obviously we opted to keep the flower borders for some flowers and greenery when the time does come for everything to start blossoming again. The slabs we selected were Indian Sandstone Grey, a choice which I think complements the brickwork of the house really well.

For a kick off, the entire courtyard was completely uneven whereas now it has been made level making the patio look neater in itself. There was also a drain (see images below) which set the line of the flower border off this just seemed to stick out no matter what we did to try and disguise it. With the clever contraption of a metal grill the drain is now aligned with the border.

I love that our patio is a better shape, its actually square now and the new slabs make the space we have appear bigger. Unbelievably the team who worked on this took just over a day – not to mention in dreary winter conditions and the images speak for themselves in what a top quality job they have made of it. The finished result is amazing and I’m over the moon with how our courtyard now looks. I’m really pleased I decided to get this done when we did because it will allow us to enjoy this area in the upcoming months as the seasons get better.

All that’s left to do is wait for everything to start growing and it really is going to look fantastic. 


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