Meal Planning With Kikki K

Running a home comes with a multitude of responsibilities. One of which I hugely underestimated was the task of meal planning. Cooking itself isn’t a chore to me as I enjoy the routine of preparing a meal each day, however what I have discovered to be a real bind is meal planning. These planners from Kikki K have saved the day on more than one ocassion! I have been using a weekly Dinner Planner in accordance to the Shopping List and find they make the task of meal prep so much more efficient than if I were to just wing it.

We’ve all had those weeks where you head to the supermarket with a half-arsed shopping list only to arrive home to be met by an empty box of cereal as you realise half a dozen things had actually been missing off your list. If I don’t get in a decent food shop at least once a week I find myself back at the shops again in a few days time to replenish the bits I somehow missed. This is both tedious and time consuming. Since using this duo from Kikki K I am far better organised both in terms of doing my weekly food shop and knowing what we are having for dinner each night in advance so those mishaps are long gone.

What’s so good about them?

Firstly, they are magnetic so they live strategically on the fridge door. Where are you when something runs out or you notice an item is running low in the cupboards? You’re going to be in your kitchen aren’t you? Therefore your shopping list is hanging up nicely, never far away meaning you can immediately jot it down. Extra bonus points go to the handy little attachable pen loop allowing you to never have an excuse not to write it down. Practical and helpful! This way nothing should get left off that list.

Both the Shopping List and Dinner Planner are laid out in a way that just makes life simpler – you can glimpse over at them quickly and know straight away what you need – particularly the shopping list which is categorized into useful sections to make your shop run smoothly. The sections are ‘Fruit and Vegetables’ ‘Meat and Seafood’ ‘Pantry’ ‘Dairy’ and ‘Home’ so its literally got all aspects covered! When I’m in the supermarket down each aisle I am able to refer to the list and double check what’s in my trolley matches up.

The Dinner Planner comes in handy for me because it really allows me to organise the week ahead. I write the meals out referring to what I’ve purchased in the latest grocery shop or refer to the freezer as I will often double up portions then freeze a meal for leftovers. I can rotate everything round effectively and knowing what we are having in advance means I can cook things up in bulk and refrigerate them to go with another meal. Basically its just a really helpful tool to help you get organised and stay on top of things. Sometimes I think ‘what are we having for dinner tonight?’ and instead of trying to wrack my brains I can simply refer to this and know I’ve got it sorted!

* The Dinner Planner appears to be discontinued now (I purchased these last year from Kikki K) and replaced with a larger A4 Meal Planner, so same principal just with breakfast and lunch included.

How do you stay organised with Meal Planning? Would you use something like this?

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