Fitbit Alta HR Review

Last Spring I purchased a Fitbit Alta (review here) because I wanted a slim fitness tracker and watch for my gym workouts. It didn’t take long for me to be somewhat underwhelmed by the Alta as it wasn’t exactly the fitness watch I had expected. My mum decided she wanted a Fitbit just to start tracking her steps so she purchased the Fitbit Alta HR and we did a swap and ever since I’ve been using the Alta HR so I thought I’d do a comparison and review on the products having tested both.

What does the Fitbit Alta HR do?

Fundamentally the Alta HR is virtually exactly the same as the Alta minus the fact it has a heart rate tracker.

  • Tracks your steps. If you wear it from morning to night it will accurately track every single step you make in that day.
  • Displays time /date. Simply move your wrist towards you or tap screen once.
  • Tells you the distance you’ve been in miles/km. Tap twice.
  • Sends you alerts to move. Detects periods of inactivity and vibrates along with a message to get you taking some steps.
  • Smartphone call/message alerts. Sync your phone to the device and your Alta will notify you of new calls messages on the screen.
  • Monitors your sleep. Keep it on at nighttime and supposedly this monitors your sleeping patterns.
  • Detects your heart rate. At the back of the wristband is a small device that displays your heart rate.

A year on I still stand by my original opinion that these devices are glorified pedometers as they really don’t DO that much at all. The wristband is paired up to your smartphone and you download a free app that stores in a lot of the data such as your resting heart rate and so on and so forth, however the actual Fitbit itself does very little really. In my original review I breakdown some of the Pros and Cons so I won’t repeat myself again as they remain the same for the Alta HR.

Do I recommend the Fitbit Alta HR?

So the question is, do I think this thing is any good? And the answer is actually yes I do. I wear my Fitbit almost seven days a week and have been for the last ten months and I love it for the fact it simply gets me moving. Even if I’m having a lazy day if I’m wearing this I usually always end up doing a lot more steps than you would imagine! The number on the screen really encourages me to get up and move, throughout the course of the day I think ‘just do some steps’ and surprisingly it all adds up. Particularly since I have stopped doing such high cardio based workouts instead opting for strength training, I think the consistent low impact walking has really complemented my current fitness routine well.

As I mentioned in the first review of the Alta, if you’re looking for an all singing all dancing fitness tracker this watch certainly isn’t for you. It simply doesn’t do that much, but what it does for me happens to work. If you are looking for a fitness tracker to help you on a daily basis to keep active this could be what you are after. However I think they would be even better if they were slightly less expensive – the money doesn’t exactly justify what the product does.

Have you tried the Fitbit Alta HR? Do you wear a fitness tracker? 

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