Chilly Morning In Arundel

The last time we made a visit to Arundel was at the end of a June heatwave. Yesterday’s visit was endured with freezing conditions thanks to the impending arrival of The Beast from The East. Nevertheless I can confirm that I absolutely adore this little town with its surrounding streets and delights round every corner. Arundel seems to have just about everything on offer from cobbled streets to clear blue lakes to a castle on a hill. Its idyllic even on a freezing cold day you cant help but feel charmed by this place. You can see it in action in my latest video here.

First we headed to Swanbourne Lake, where we discovered a lovely clear little lake filled with ducks and swans. The sun was glistening on the water and if it wasn’t so bloody freezing it would have been a pleasant spot to sit and enjoy the view. Arundel Castle can be faintly seen in the distance behind my head in the picture above.



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