Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Oh its been a while since the snow caused Great Britain to come to a grinding halt. Just when you think the winter is on the way out and its safe to think Spring is on the way, we get this. Temperatures as low as minus 7 and up to ten centimeters of the white stuff laying neatly on the ground here in Kent. I’ll admit that I am charmed by the initial serenity that the snow brings, the soft fluffy white specks and the quietness that surrounds the air is a little bit magical. Losing a days worth of work and the thought of treacherous roads isn’t quite so magical.

We stuck our walking boots on and wrapped up in what felt like about ten layers and left our front door early this morning like the mad pair we are. We were on the hunt for a perfect white scene with a red robin but no luck! At first the specks were a light dusting but it really began coming down at one point. I refuse to take the car out in conditions like this as I’ll openly admit driving in the bad weather scares the life out of me. So of course we did that typically British thing and had to divert to the shops for bread and milk! Now I have no excuse to succumb to a cosy day snuggled up on the sofa!


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