Pre Wedding Thoughts

With our wedding round the corner in less than six months I naturally have a million and one thoughts darting round my head about our big day. The majority of them I expect are all pretty natural pre wedding jitters but I thought it would make for an interesting read especially when looking back on these once we’re married and hopefully wondering what all the fuss was about. And when I say pre wedding jitters I don’t mean apprehension about committing to marriage because in both our eyes we’re basically married anyway… its mostly the pressures of the day itself that I personally have the most concerns on!

We can’t control everything.

As much as we can plan, arrange and bloody well work our butts off for the day to run as smoothly as possible I have to learn to accept some things we can’t control. This isn’t as easy as it sounds for me because I do tend to like being in charge of getting things in order. Predominantly the weather is my single most worrying issue. Being that ours is an outdoor wedding venue it puts an extreme amount of responsibility on the shoulders of the weather God’s to perform to their best ability. But lets not be naive, this is England I’m talking about here so my expectations aren’t exactly high, I can only spend the next six months with my fingers crossed for a decent day.

Will it really be ‘the best day of our lives?’

Its supposed to be the biggest and best day of our life. That in itself puts immense amount of pressure on my shoulders. However I can’t help but worry that its often the over hyped things that sometimes end up being underwhelming. And for that reason I almost feel scared to over hype it! I’d rather play it down and then be exceptionally overwhelmed by the day. Obviously I’m doing everything in my power to try and ensure that it will be a truly wonderful day however I’d like to think we will live a long life together – so will this be the best day of our lives? Who’s to say that this one day really will be the best one?  Has something gone wrong or have we failed if we don’t think its the best day of our life? Right now I feel pressured by the fact it needs to somehow live up to this expectation. Maybe its just my thought process over thinking the situation and when the time comes it will just naturally be the best day of our lives…

What will it be like having all our families in one place?

Our wedding is going to bring such a mixture of people into the same place that right now its really hard to imagine what it will be like. Oliver and I have had this conversation a few times now as we have both tried and failed to picture what it will feel like to have all our family and friends in one place. Its nice in a way that a wedding is the rare opportunity to have a moment like this and we’ve both said it will be quite an experience: lots of our relatives meeting for the first time, family members travelling from across the world to be here for our wedding day and people seeing each other again after many years.

Saying goodbye to my surname is going to be bitter sweet.

I’ve been Grace Blossom Tree for almost twenty-six years now. I’ve come to love my quirky little name in that time. Its certainly been a conversation starter over the years whenever I’ve had to disclose my full name! And as much as it is completely my choice to take Oliver’s surname when we are married, I think I am going to find it a little sad to let go of my maiden name. However the thought of having a new name soon makes me feel giddy with excitement so I’m sure I’ll get over it.

Wondering what comes next…

Aside from the obvious step forward possibly in the next few years, what comes after the wedding? Our relationship has grown quickly from strength to strength, we’ve gone through so much in a seemingly fairly short space of time that I wonder what it will be like to not look forward to the ‘next big thing’ or so to speak. But then again, I’m very much my mother’s daughter, with a forward thinking mind so I’m not afraid things are going to ever be dull in our life together!

What are/were your pre wedding thoughts?


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