Its Only Pretty For A Day

I wont lie, I was a little bit excited when I saw the bright daffodils and tulips pop up in shops with the promise of Spring around the corner. Even before this week it had felt like a pretty long winter. Day four of the snow here in Kent and I’m starting to realise this was just a cruel temptation and Spring is still a long shot away! I’ve missed out on virtually an entire week’s worth of work – the first time this has happened due to bad weather since I’ve started this job in 2014, and its pretty annoying to say the least.

Yesterday was undoubtedly a gorgeous day. Whenever we do tend to have snow here in England, it is usually accompanied by dark grey skies shortly to be followed by black slushy conditions making it feel like its the end of the earth. Not yesterday though. There was a piercing blue sky and bright sunshine, the birds were singing gloriously and it was like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my life before. It was sort of like something you’d see on someone else’s skiing holiday pictures. Wonderful and picturesque. Glorious even. I couldn’t help but feel joyous by the scenes I was experiencing – see it in action in my latest vlog here.

Today though, what remains is ice. Perishing winds. Freezing conditions. And an endless dark sky. The novelty wears thin quickly. Its only pretty for a day until it becomes a pain in the butt!

All I can say is, Spring I’m ready for you!


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