Everything You Need To Know About Pugs: The Good, The Bad, The Pugly

Pugs are pretty high profile little dogs now days. Its not uncommon to spot these short, four legged canines being walked out and about on the streets and merchandise with these wrinkly faces on is rife in all kinds of different shops. Small, undeniably cute and full of character: its very easy to see how pugs have rose to popularity in the last few years. Back when we got our Polly in 2012 this wasn’t the case at all, this really goes to show the scale in which pugs have suddenly become one of the ‘it’ dogs, which is all very well if you are 100% committed and educated for the good and the bad with these pickles! And this post is going to be exactly that, so whether you are thinking about getting a pug, already have a pug or maybe just interested to learn about this breed then continue reading…

The Good.

Pugs are loyal and extremely affectionate.

The bottom line is pugs are highly sociable creatures that strive off both human and pedigree interaction. These guys are going to be your new best friend, they make incredible companions to any family or household. Once you have a pug you have a little extra shadow following you around. Pugs just like being with people, they like being involved, they like a fuss and they like attention. They are very cuddly and enjoy lap-time snuggling.

Small dog, BIG character.

Unless you like a large dog, pugs are the perfect size. Personally I would only ever have a small dog for many reasons: I can walk them with control, I can pick them up and dry their feet (yeah I love my pugs but I also like my home too –> more on this below) they aren’t so enormous they can eat food off the kitchen counter or just generally cause havoc like I imagine some large dogs can do. However don’t mistake pugs for a little dog, because their personalities are huge. Honestly, pugs are like people they are so quirky and unique – their characters will steal your heart and fill your life with endearment.

Pugs are intelligent creatures.

Pugs sometimes get a bit of bad press for being stupid and they are far from stupid. Yeah pugs can do some silly things but on the whole they are very smart. So smart in fact this can be a good and a bad thing about them because on the one hand they are trainable but on the flip side if you have a tendency to be soft they could pick up some not so good habits. Consequently they do require stimulation of some kind: a garden to run off steam in, toys to play with or some kind of reward based training from time to time to keep their brain ticking.

They make adequate household members.

Generally speaking pugs make pretty decent household members. As I said above they are trainable so if you are committed you can set the rules out. Obviously there are going to be some exceptions occasionally but start as you mean to go on and you should be pretty safe in keeping your home in order. Due to their size pugs aren’t at any risk or ruining your furniture, they are also in my experience not at all destructive dogs ie they don’t chew or destroy your house! As I touched upon above, because of their size you can easily access muddy or dirty paws and get them cleaned quickly so its not all over the carpet or furniture. Apart from the shedding these things do make pugs pretty adequate and respectable household members.

They don’t require huge amounts of exercise.

Pugs are happy with one short (20-30 min) walk a day. Pugs would also happy with two short walks a day. If its absolutely pissing down with rain, pugs would be very happy to not have a short walk a day, in fact my pugs would be extremely unhappy if I took them on a small walk in the rain! They kind of fall in to whatever is on offer. If you took them on a short walk, great that’s perfectly fine! Feel like a nice long walk? Also great!! But at the same time they aren’t desperate to get out for miles each day.

The Bad.

Pugs can be very stubborn.

Oh boy, believe me this is not an understatement. Pugs will test your patience from time to time. They are very relentless over certain things and they don’t forget a bad habit! If you are busy trying to do something and they decide they want attention a pug will do everything in its power to get whatever it wants. Example: shutting a door because there is something behind that door where flat little noses perhaps don’t belong… they will want to get behind that door and see exactly whats there. And they will push your limits to get there at ALL costs unless you physically bring them away or tell them no. Example two: they want to be let outside… two mins later they want to be let back in. Repeat this cycle a few times over! It can be irritating if you aren’t in the most patient moods. Although in their defense I find this often tends to be worse in the hour leading up to dinner time where they are most stubborn and naughty.

Eye problems are common.

Those big, beautiful eyes unfortunately come with a whole host of problems. Sadly its not unheard of for pugs to experience some kind of issue with their eyes during their lifetime – predominantly ulcers. Its heartbreaking to witness. Plus it ultimately requires extra care and attention on the owners behalf: often eye problems result in frequent vet visits, regular treatment of medication and sometimes even surgery. Just to add insult to injury, literally in this case, consequently there are some hefty vet bills at the end of the day too!

Pugs shed hairs.

Uh oh. These lovely soft coats do come with only one problem – all the hairs they leave behind. You know where a pug has been because there is usually a fine trail of hairs! Black jeans are a no-no near a pug. And generally anything too dark will just attract attention to the hairs. However in my experience our black pug Peggy has a MUCH thinner coat than our fawn pug Polly, there is hardly any sign of Peggy’s black hairs! Not sure if this is true for all black pugs but its worth checking out if you are dead against a dog that sheds. Truthfully unless you are very house proud its nothing a hoover round every other day wouldn’t keep at bay especially if you have light floors or furniture the hairs will hardly notice.

They have greedy tendencies.

Pugs just love food. All food. Even food they aren’t allowed they will want. If there is food about chances are there will be a pug within ten centimeters of it. So its very easy for them to be overfed and therefore get overweight which leads to more health complications due to their flat noses. People say its a vets favourite thing to call a pug overweight – mostly because pugs are greedy and will eat whatever is feed to them. Keep their diet under control, it may seem mean but its actually the kindest thing you can do.  A healthy weight to aim for is around the 6kg mark- their ribs should be faintly detectable under their coat and they should fit comfortably in a medium sized harness.

Sometimes they stink…

I wanted to be brutally honest with this post and so I had to include this because for me its honestly one of their worst qualities. However without going in to too much gory detail, pugs do every now and then release bad smells from their anal glands. Do your own research because I’m finishing right there!

So there you have it – a brutally honest run down of all the good things and maybe the not so good things about pugs. For me the good qualities always win over the their ‘bad’ qualities although I think it is important to acknowledge all these traits especially if they can be educational for other people.

Would you ever consider getting a pug? Or do you have a pug already? If so, did you nod your head to some of these qualities I listed above?

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