Benefit Brow Zings First Impressions

Eyebrows are a pretty big deal in today’s beauty world and as much as I can appreciate the look and importance of a good brow – they have never been my favourite thing. In fact filling in my brows is probably my least favourite part of my entire beauty routine. As my overall makeup skills have improved over the years (thank goodness!) I’ve grown more confident in what I know I like and what suits me, but I rarely feel 100% with my eyebrows. This could be down to the fact I opt for a more ‘natural’ look or it could just be because I’m not that great at doing them. Either way I decided to try something totally new and a brand I knew took their brow products seriously was of course Benefit.

Brow Zings is one of the most iconic eyebrow products on the market and its always been something I meant to try but never got round to. Benefit recently relaunched Brow Zings along with an entire host of other brow products and so I thought what better time to finally give it a go? Along with the launch were several new shades and according to their website my shade was 2 Light so I went ahead and ordered that.

I have only used this a handful of times so far, but the first thing I noticed straight away was the shade. The shade is not at all right for me, which I’m a bit annoyed about to be honest because if the colour is off the entire thing doesn’t really work. I find the product in particular the wax gives my brows this orange tinge and in general the colour is completely unlike anything I’ve been used to (for reference my go to is Mac Fling for a perfect match.)

Even Oliver noticed immediately something had changed as he commented ‘your eyebrows look different.’ Was this a good or a bad thing? Either way I wasn’t really looking for ‘different’ rather just an improved version of what my eyebrows usually look like, and I definitely wouldn’t say they are yet.

I decided the next time I used the product to completely avoid the wax, and opted instead just for the powder which is pictured on the right. However to my disappointment even the powder alone still manages to create this unnatural orange tint. Meh, it just isn’t right for me one bit and each time I’ve used it I like it less and less.

Generally speaking, I find warm tones best for me being that I have warm blonde hair and yellow undertones to my skin cool toned makeup does not sit well on me. However my eyebrows are an exception to that rule! My natural brows are dark and slightly ashy toned therefore applying Brow Zings in 2 Light which is extremely warm was never going to end well.

The biggest annoyance I have in this scenario is the fact that according to Benefit’s website ‘what’s my shade’ I selected the right option and it doesn’t suit me at all. The lighter option still looks quite orangey and the darker would have probably been too cool toned. My conclusion in this is that Benefit despite their fairly large range of shades, do not in fact have all blonde haired people covered.

On my eyebrows – Brow Zings 2 Light

The new silver packaging is… alright. I’m not mad on it I have to say and although I never owned the original product I think a nice black compact would have been miles smarter. Included in the new compact is a miniature pair of tweezers (unpictured and unused so I have no comment on those) and a small double ended brush that folds out. I happen to quite like using the brush, on one end is a slightly angled edge and on the other a small rounded brush, the angled brush is designed for the wax and the other side is to fill powder in with.  The angled end has quite a lot of movement as sometimes these angled brushes can be a bit stiff and I like the fact its small so you’re not going to make too many errors with it.

Benefit Brow Zings in 2 Light is not the right shade for me despite Benefit’s website saying it was and in no circumstance will I be able to make this product work. Therefore it has been a total waste of money, time and effort on my behalf.

The grass definitely wasn’t greener in this case, and I’ll be going straight back to Mac Fling with a new found appreciation for it.


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