Things I’ve Learned After A Year Of Living Together

Oliver and I have officially reached a year of living together this weekend! Its unbelievable to think how far things have come since the day we first moved in to our little house. Building a home and life together has been one of the most rewarding things I have accomplished. That is not to say it hasn’t come with some of its challenges along the way – leaving home and living with someone for the first time is a HUGE learning curve and obviously a big step in two people’s lives. Living together has been a real whirlwind and without a doubt the best thing I have ever done. Here are some of the things I’ve learned in the last twelve months…

You Don’t Know Each Other Until You Live Together.

Prior to living with Oliver I probably would have rolled my eyes at anyone who tried to tell me this because at the time I would have said I knew him very well. We had been together almost a year and spent HEAPS of time together. But when you live together its a totally different ball game: suddenly real adult responsibilities get thrown into the mix of things. You discover each other’s little traits and habits that you never would have seen if you weren’t living together. There are a lot more things you have to balance when you run a home. And of course you are suddenly spending every single day together so its inevitable that you are going to find out so much more about each other that you didn’t already know!

Romance Can’t Survive Real Life.

Living together is real life. There are no sparkly edges and perfect Instagram filters for a relationship and at times it does feel like romance can be a bit non existent. But do you know what? That’s okay because romance is just a temporary thing. Having the comfort of seeing the person I love day in and day out is far more important for me – even if we have become way too comfortable blowing off and generally being disgusting in front of each other…

It Brings You Closer In So Many Ways.

You see every single side of each other: the good, bad, up and down so being side by side through all of that brings you closer together. Its the next natural commitment/progression in a relationship so I think its bound to make things stronger. And yet its also the little things too, Oliver is super appreciative of my cooking and sitting down for meals together always feels rewarding for me. As strange as it sounds one of my favourite times of the day is when we are stood at the sink doing the dishes together in the evening. There are no phones or other distractions so we are just talking or being silly in the moment whilst doing a job together. Time at home with him has become invaluable to me.

A Guy Who Has Grown Up In A House With Brothers Will NOT Be Used To PMT.

If you know you know. Hormones are powerful things. If you are a woman I’m sure you will understand that hormones sometimes put you in moods you cant explain or make you behave a little off or out of character. Oliver has grown up with brothers and so when I have the odd hormonal outburst at certain times of the month its a bit of a shock to the system that he kind of doesn’t quite understand yet. But perhaps men never will?

You Discover Things About Yourself Along The Way.

Lastly, its not just a learning curve with one another. I’ve discovered so much about myself as well since living with Oliver. I’m stronger than I thought, more capable than I ever imagined and I have been striving off our new life together. Naturally I’ve grown up a lot too but I think living with Oliver has truly made me become myself.


Do you live with you partner? What did you learn in the first year?


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