Wedding Countdown: Three Weeks To Go!

I realised my blog has been a little neglected since I’ve started uploading content onto Youtube – there are only so many hours in a day you know? I’ve really got into creating content on there more than I expected to, so naturally my blog has taken a bit of a back step. I always find with writing a blog post it can often take me hours because I try to pour my heart into a post.  And just like that, there are three weeks to go until our wedding day so here I am checking in for what will probably be the final time before I become a married woman!

So how has my whole ‘planning a wedding’ experience been? 

Although I’ve had a few stressful moments – the latest one being just this week when my hair stylist let me down last minute – on the whole it really hasn’t been that bad at all. I know we’ve still got three weeks to go and the challenging part is about to happen where we cross our fingers that all the plans fall into place perfectly. However I think being an organised person in general has played a huge factor in this experience. Mostly I’ve found the whole thing fun and exciting.

I plan on writing a few in depth posts after the wedding about planning one for yourself and hosting it but if you want to find out more of whats going on you can watch my Wedding Update video here where I talk all about our wedding in more details!

My current feeling towards our big day is just pure excitement now. I’m SO ready for it and am just praying that the weather Gods are kind and give us a pleasant day as it really will make a huge difference for us. Its basically been the only thing on my mind for the last eight weeks and we’ve slowly been making sure everything is organised, preparing everything and basically getting ready for the big day.

I can’t wait to be a bride. I can’t wait to see Oliver as my groom. Have my mum do my wedding dress up for the final time, and my Dad give me away. I’m equally anticipating seeing all of our family and relations in one place together celebrating with us. I’m eagerly awaiting all the lovely outfits everyone will be wearing. There are so many special and once in a lifetime moments around the corner for us.


This is me supporting my mother’s wedding dress from 1984 the month before my own wedding *



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