Life After The Wedding


Seen as though the majority of my posts on this corner of the internet in 2018 have mostly been about our wedding I thought it was only right to give a little update on our life following it. We’ve been married for just over 3 months now and although normality has resumed I won’t sugar coat the fact that the first few months post wedding are … odd. Particularly the first month and weeks following the honeymoon. After such an enormous high and months of pouring our lives into something I’m pretty sure this is normal for all newlyweds to feel a bit strange after its all done and dusted.

Luckily in the modern world we get to live with our partners before we decide they’re the ones to settle down and spend the rest of our lives together, so at least there aren’t any nasty surprises in that respect. And although nothing has really changed since we’ve been married (other than the fact we share a surname now) the sense that we are more bound together is more prominent. And while on the outside nothing has changed everything has started to change in the fact that we are now a unit. Husband and wife.

Somehow through all the strangeness of the last few months the newest thing we have both had to adapt to is realising that we have become family over night. That means letting go and putting each other above all else. We say our vows one day then suddenly it becomes the real thing. Marriage. Learning to live happily constantly requires a team of two people willing to communicate and make an effort to sustain a life that makes us both fulfilled. All relationships are ongoing journeys and this one feels like the start of a long adventure with my best friend…


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