First blog post

I turned on my laptop this afternoon to upload some photographs, without intention this blog was created. Its probably the best way to start a blog these days anyway. The blogging world is nothing new or unfamiliar to me, as I’ve dabbled in and out of writing  blogs for the last six years. Since then social media has well and truly exploded. One of my biggest problems was never really finding my niche in the ever expanding blogging world . Lifestyle, beauty, fitness, just to name a few of the different avenues I’ve gone down in the past on my blogs. Way back in the early days I started right here: with WordPress, switching over to Blogger some years ago to now  make my return again on WordPress. Needless to say that a lot has changed since the old blogging days, however I’m excited to see where it might go this time.


After a recent trip taking the Canon 1000D away out for a play again I sort of realised that I’d love to get back into writing and documenting pieces of life here and there, just for my own record and for something to look back on in the future. So without any false promises lets just see how this goes….


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