Hello !

Lets start with some of the basics…

If you haven’t already guessed, my name is Grace and I am the writer of graceyblossomblogs. Find out a little bit more about me and what you are likely to find here…



The basics.

I am a twenty five year old Kent girl and this will therefore be the setting for all of my daily blogging. I  have recently started living with my boyfriend fiance . Home is truly what makes me happiest in the world and I am so thankful to be able to finally make my own home with somebody. I have never felt so fulfilled and content in all my life and I hope that this will be reflected on my blog.

What will you expect to see on this blog?

A mixture of lifestyle sharing snippets of my days out or trips away. The occasional beauty product. The odd fitness related ramble. But more increasingly my take on chatting homeware and interiors.

Every single day is valuable and so I try my best to fill my time with things that are worthwhile. My favourite kind of day is one where I get into bed at night and really feel as though I’ve made the most out of it. I especially love long walks and days by the seaside, taking in and enjoying all the beauty on our very doorstep. Then when I’m not outside exploring I’ll likely be in two places: the gym or the shops. I’m rather partial to my beauty products and saving up for luxury products.

Another of my passions is food: eating food, cooking and preparing  fresh food, exploring new ingredients and recipes and when I’m not in the kitchen making it I love dressing up and going out for meals as well.

My history with blogging.

Back in the day, I used to write a blog. I used to love writing my blog in fact. Even though my Grandpop was the only other person who seemed to read it other than myself, I put a lot of effort and time into it.  I was still a teenager at the time and I turned twenty four this summer. People hadn’t really heard of ‘blogs’ and it certainly wasn’t something people were making successful careers from back then. Mostly blogs were just a creative outlet for people, and that is exactly the reason I have returned. Plus of course I know I’ll have at least one loyal reader still.

Cue cringey old blog screengrabs: